Numerology is the study of the relationship between the numbers and their corresponding effects on a person. In Indian numerology, the numbers are calculated based on your full name, your date of birth, or from both of these. Each number tells certain personal traits of a person, including his/her strengths or weaknesses. At times, these numbers also reveal threats and challenged which you may have to come across in your future life.

Numerology does not only tell you about the colours and many other things that best suit your personality, it also guides you about meditation that could help you in living a stress-free life. The significant numbers in the Indian Numerology are the destiny, the name and the psychic numbers. All of these numbers specify a person’s strengths, weaknesses and other major personality attributes.

The destiny number explains your personality and they spot out others’ perceptions about you. This number gains more authority right from your age of 35. This age is considered to be that when psychic numbers start losing their importance. It is very easy to find out your destiny number. All you have to do is to sum up all the digits of your date of birth and deduce it to a single-digit number.

The name number offers you with the information with regard to your interpersonal relationships. There are chances of change in your name number, for instance when you are getting married. This change may include the addition or elimination of certain qualities from you. To get this name number, you have to write the numbers corresponding to the letters of your name (A, I, J, Q, Y=1; B, K, R=2, C, G, L, S=3; D, M, T=4; E, H, N, X=5; U, V, W=6; O, Z=7 and F, P=8). Add up all the numbers that you get and finally deduce it to a single-digit number, that is, between 1 and 9.

The psychic number gives you information about who you actually are and what you want to achieve in your life. This is the important number that tells more about your personality characterstics that help you in choosing a career that matches your traits.

The interesting thing in Numerology is that each number between 1 and 9 have its significance and that number 9 is not assigned to any letter.

Dr. Tejpal Shashtri is a renowned astrologer who also has an excellence in this field of Numerology.